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We know how stressful auto repairs can be; with overcharging, misdiagnoses, and poor customer service. We’ll never add stress to your experience by making you less than our top priority.

Brake Fluid Flush and Repair Service
Your car’s brake system is a vital part of your vehicle and needs to function properly to help keep you safe.
Engine Coolant Inspection & Service
Drain & Replace with up to 1 Gallon of Antifreeze, Inspect all hoses, fittings and water pump.
Oil Change & NC State Inspection
Includes standard oil filter, up to 5 qts of SYNTHETIC BLEND oil and complete vehicle inspection.
Tire Air Pressure Check
Maintaining proper tire pressure will optimize your overall tire performance and fuel economy.
On Your First Visit
Get discounts on inspections, repairs and other automotive services for being a first time customer.
Fuel Injection Service
Regular fuel injector checkups are important to keep your vehicle in good mechanical condition.

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