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We’re the go-to repair facility that Cary motorists and dealerships have learned to trust! My Mechanic in Cary, NC is your one-stop shop, meeting all the auto repair and maintenance service needs you may have. Consider us your “first responders” for any of your vehicle’s malfunctions and emergency repair needs. There are many qualities that a great repair shop should possess. Among the most important ones are convenience, affordability, and expertise. While the team at My Mechanic has all these in spades, we know that NOTHING is more important than your trust. Just like your doctor needs to know your body, your mechanic needs to know your vehicle, inside and out. This task should not be left up to just anybody. All auto repair shops are not created equal–trust us! We understand amateur do-it-yourselfers (that was us too at one time), but you’ll be doing your vehicle, your time management, your stress levels, and your wallet a favor by coming to My Mechanic first!