We are a complete auto repair service. That means we do everything—yes, everything. Here are just a few of the issues we handle for our customers on a daily basis.

If your car is rattling, coughing, or just won’t go then it’s time to contact My Mechanic. Don’t make the mistake by waiting to long.  We offer every repair you can think of, including transmission repair, engine repair, and more.

Bring your vehicle to us so we can check your belts and hoses and replace them as necessary. We’ll change out those spark plugs and handle that fuel injection service. Remember, a well-maintained car lasts longer.

We offer North Carolina state inspections and mandatory emissions testing. We also perform in-depth diagnostics to assess the health of your vehicle, using high-tech equipment that is generally only carried by the manufacturer.

Maintain a smooth, safe ride. We offer tire changes, tire rotation, wheel alignment and balance, break service and shock and strut repairs. Hey, they don’t call your car your wheels for nothing. If this part of the car doesn’t work right then eventually, you’re not going anywhere.

Don’t fret or bite your nails, sitting alone on the shoulder with your emergency lights on. Feel confident knowing My Mechanic can be on its way to you with a simple phone call. We’ll get that tire changed, that tank gassed up or that vehicle towed. We are always happy to help.

Don’t worry.
We’ll have you back on the road in no time.
Just call (919) 467-8668 to make your appointment today.