We are a family-owned and operated car repair shop that is committed to providing you with repairs you can feel confident about. We will never mislead you about necessary repairs, rush through our work, or overcharge you. Our repairs are some of the most trusted in the industry because we use manufacturer-level diagnostic equipment to guarantee we get the job done right.


Call (919) 467-8668 to schedule an appointment today.

We serve all vehicle types. Foreign, domestic, modern or classic—it just doesn’t matter. We have never met a car we couldn’t fix.

Our prices are fair. We know how stressful it can be to pursue car repairs. There is always the fear that you’re going to have to face down some sticker shop. When you visit My Mechanic you can feel confident knowing we’ll never add to your misery by overcharging you.

We’re a full-service auto repair shop. Preventative care. Body work. Engines, transmissions, your AC and your tires. At My Mechanic we literally do it all. In fact, we have the tools, parts, and know-how to tackle many repairs that other shops won’t touch.

We believe in quality. That’s why we guarantee our service with a 12,000 mile, nationwide warranty. We choose only the finest parts and are sticklers for hiring trustworthy mechanics with outstanding work ethics. All of our technicians are also ASE-certified, because we don’t believe in trusting your vehicle to amateurs.

We’re all about integrity. We won’t recommend repairs you don’t need. We won’t give you any kind of a snow job at all. If we tell you something is necessary, it is. If we uncover a hidden issue we’ll let you know on the spot. Other mechanics might rely on your lack of mechanical know-how to charge you more, but we prefer being able to look ourselves in the mirror on a daily basis. Besides, we’d like you to come back and see us the next time, too.

Our lobby is awfully comfy! Forget sitting in those hard, narrow, plastic chairs with the awful metal arms. Our lobby has a couch, a fireplace, and a full-screen TV. You’ll feel like you’re waiting for your car from the comfort of a friend’s living room.

We want to become your trusted car repair professionals for life.